Important Events:  

VMC Meeting
The Vidyalaya Management Committee Meeting of VKV (NEEPCO), Umrangso was held on 22nd February 2021 in the Vidyalaya premises under the Chairmanship of Sri Debotosh Bhattacharjee(HOP, KHEP NEEPCO, Umrangso)...Read More

Saraswati Puja
VKV Umrangso celebrated Saraswati Puja strictly following SOP of Covid-19. We initiated it at around 7.30am amidst a limited number (less than 200) of worshippers. When it was their turn, the selected group of students turned out at the Puja Mandap and offered Pushpanjali at the feet of goddess Saraswati. All the invitee guests were very pleased at the hospitality shown from our side. The ritual was graced with the presence of honourable HOP (KHEP, NEEPCO) Sri Debotosh Bhattacharjee and other officials. In the evening, the teachers gathered once again for prayer singing Saraswati Bandana and sought her blessing.

Republic Day
72nd Republic Day was celebrated in the Vidyalaya to glorify the spirit this historic day. The celebration began at 7.30 am with the unfurling the  National Flag by the principal Sri P. V. Ramesan followed by national anthem by all of us. It was followed by a patriotic song by a group of students. Respected Principal Sir delivered a valuable speech on the significance of the day as well as the challenges that the nation faced due to Covid- 19. He concluded his speech by quoting from Swamiji that serving the needy one is serving the God. We should not go to seek for God, as the miserables, the weak fellows are the Gods that we should worship...Read More

Netaji Jayanti
Vidyalaya observed Nataji Jayanti in brief in the morning assembly to pay homage to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, one of the greatest freedom fighters of India who contributed immensely to our freedom struggle. The programme began by of floral tribute at the portrait of Subhash Chandra Bose by Sri P. V. Ramesan (Principal), Sri Arundoy Roy Choudhury  (Vice Principal) and Sri Prahlad Gogoi (Vice Principal). It was followed by a patriotic song by a group of students. Smt. Pompi Das (a teacher) delivered a speech on Netaji Subash Chandra Bose highlighting...Read More

National Youth Day
Vidyalaya celebrated Vivekananda Jayanti( National Youth Day) on 12th January, 2021 to pay homage and tribute to Swami Vivekananda. It was celebrated at three places at F-Type colony (KHEP,NEEPCO), in the market area and in the Vidyalaya activity hall. In all the three places, the programme began at 8.30 am by lightening the auspicious lamp and offering flowers at the portrait of Swamiji. Principal Sri P.V.Ramesan, Vice -Principal Sri Prahlad Gogoi and Vice-Principal Sri Arundoy Roy Choudhury lighted the auspicious lamp and offered floral tribute in the Vidyalaya activity hall
...Read More

Sadhana Divas
Vidyalaya celebrated Sadhana Divas to pay tribute to Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade. It was observed in the morning assembly. Sri P. V. Ramesan (Principal), assisted by Sri Arundhoy Roy Choudhury(Vice Principal) and Sri Prahlad Gogoi (Vice Principal) initiated the programme by offering floral tribute at the portrait of Eknathji Ranade. Other  teachers of the Vidyalaya also paid homage to Eknathji offering flowers at his portrait. It was followed by a melodious patriotic song on Eknathji by a group of teachers. Sri Prahlad Gogoi (Vice Principal) delivered a speech on Eknathji’s life and his works...Read More

Rastriya Ekta Divas
Vidyalaya remembered the iron man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel observing Rastriya Ekta Divas today (31st October, 2016) in brief. Sri P. V. Ramesan, the principal of the vidyalaya offered the floral tribute at the portrait of Sarder Vallavbhai Patel while we chanted Mangalacharana together. A group of teachers sang a patriotic song on the occasion. The Principal delivered a valuable speech highlighting his mammoth task in uniting our country. He asked us to follow the footsteps of this great man while rendering our service to the nation.

Parivar Sanmelan
VKV Umrangso organized parivar sanmelan on 16th and 17th oct, 2020. The programme began by invocation of mangalacharana followed by parivar parichay by family members of teachers and parents. The kendra parichaya – its works, objectives and vision; was elaborated by the principal Sri P. V. Ramesan. Sri Kaushal Kishore Sukla (PGT Hindi) and Sri Yogesh Agnihotri (PRT) narrated an interesting story on 16th Oct. 2020 and on 17th Oct. 2020 respectively. It was followed by a baudhik speech by Sri Santosh Dubey (TGT Sanskrit) on both the days.

Gandhi Jayanti/Shastri Jayanti
VKV Umrangso joined the nation in celebrating Gandhi Jayanti and Shastri Jayanti to pay homage to the father of the nation and the 3rd Prime Minister of our country. The programme was initiated by offering floral tribute by Principal Sir at the portraits of the great sons of our country and invocation of Mangalacharana by the teachers at the same time. It was followed by a Bhajan on Gandhiji by a group of teachers. Smt. Pompi Das threw light on life and works of these two great personalities - Shastriji and Gandhiji. The principal also showed his wisdom in delivering valuable words on their immense contribution to the nation. He also asked all of us to render.... Read More

Reopening of Vidyalaya ( Varsharambha Ceremony)
After a prolonged lockdown of educational institutions due to Covid-19 pandemic, the government of the Assam has given permission to resume the classes of class IX, X, XI and XII from 21.09.2020. Along with all other educational institutions of Assam, VKV NEEPCO, Umrangso has also started partial resumption of activities maintaining all the protocols of safety guidelines under Covid-19 pandemic with 50% teaching and non teaching staff. Being it the first day of the session 2020-21, the Principal of the vidyalaya Sri P. V. Ramesan addressed the students in the morning where he read out the necessary guidelines and protocols of safety guidelines under Covid-19 pandemic to be followed by the students
.. Read More

Universal Brotherhood Day

Universal Brotherhood Day was celebrated in VKV Umrangso in online mode. It was attended by 240 students and 40 teachers. Sri P. V. Ramesan, the principal of the vidyalaya was the speaker for the online celebration. Principal Sir paid homage offering flowers at the portrait of Swamiji. Principal Sir also spoke on Swamiji’s powerful message and historic speech at the august gathering at Chicago for parliament of religions. Chicago speech was circulated among teachers as well as students of classes IX, X, XI and XII. There were online competitions for the students from KG to XII... Read More

Online Classes
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all around the world, educational institutions along with the students have been facing quite difficult situation. Therefore, VKV (NEEPCO), Umrangso, to help the students to cope up with their studies have been conducting online classes for all the students starting from class KG to class XII. It was started on 28th April, 2020. All the teachers of the schools with their utmost efforts are guiding the students to learn different subjects through various platforms like WhatsApp, Google Meet, Zoom etc. 

Utsarg Samaroh and Ganesh Puja (for class XII and X)

The Utsarg Samaroh was performed in the Vidyalaya 11th Feb, 2020 for class XII students in an auspicious way. All the students gathered in the activity hall where it was performed. The students lightened the auspicious lamp at the feet of Bharat Mata and took her blessing for their bright future. Sri Santosh Kumar Dubey(TGT, Sanskrit) performed Puja in accordance with the given guidelines. Sri P V Ramesan (Principal) delivered his motivating and inspiring speech for students to prepare for their examination that had a deep impact in all of them... Read More

Saraswati Puja
Vidyalaya celebrated Saraswati Puja in a grand way. The puja began at around 7.30 AM in the activity hall amidst a large number of devotees. All teachers, students, parents and devotees offered Pushpanjali at the feet of goddess Saraswati. At 12 noon Prasad and khichuri were distributed among all present there. All the invitee guests were very pleased at the hospitality shown from our side. The ritual was graced with the presence of honourable general manager Sri Mohan Dihingia and other officials from KHEP, NEEPCO, Umrangso. There were near about 1700 people who attended the programme. In the evening, the teachers as well as students gathered once again for Saraswati... Read More

Republic Day
Vidyalaya celebrated 71st republic day amidst pride, joy and enthusiasm. At 7.30 AM the Principal Sri P. V. Ramesan unfurled the national flag in the morning in presence of all the teachers, students and parents gathered in the school ground. It was followed by a valuable speech by the Principal of the vidyalaya on the significance of the day. He highlighted the sacrifice of our great heroes who fought for our country and the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and his team to give the shape to our constitution through which we have been privileged equal rights irrespective of caste creed and religion. He further quoted Swamiji to encourage the students to stride for nation building mission.Read More

National Youth Day
Vidaylaya celebrated National Youth Day on 12th Jan, 2020 to pay homage and tribute to Swami Vivekananda. The programme began at 8.30 AM at Puja Mandap by lightening of auspicious lamp and offering   flowers at the portrait of Swamiji by Sri P. K Das (DGM IT, Neepco, Umrangso), Sri Bidhan Dey (Accounts, NEEPCO, Umrangso) and Sri Achyut Nath (Engineer, NEEPCO, Umrangso),  Principal Sri P. V. Ramesan , Vice Principal Sri Arunodaya Roychaudhury, parents and teachers. It was followed by a short speech by the Principal highlighting Swamiji’s vision and his faith in youths. He also mentioned about the SAMPARKA that we had started on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Vivekananda Rock Memorial.... Read More

Annual Day
VKV Umrangso celebrated its Annual Day amidst vibrancy, joy and mesmerizing moment. It was celebrated on the eve of National Youth Day at NRC auditorium. The programme started with lightening of the auspicious lamp by chief guest Debotosh Bhattacharjee (HOP & CGM, NEEPCO, Umrangso) guests of honour Sri Randeep Changkakoti (DGM, HR, NEEPCO), Sri Sanjib Mishra (HR, Head, N.E. Dalmia Cement), Sri Rabindra Singh Routela (GM, Technical, Dalmia Cement, Umrangso), Md. Yousuf Alamgir (GM HR, Dalmia Cement, Umrangso) and Sri Joybesh Warisa (Chairman, Umrangso Municipal Committee) accompanied by Principal Sri P. V. Ramesan and Vice Principal Sri Arundhoy Roy Choudhury. It was followed by a welcome song by the teachers of the vidyalaya.  The Principal welcomed the... Read More

Annual Sports Meet
VKV Umrangso organised its annual sports meet in spite of unfavourable weather. It began on 6th Jan, 2020 in presence of dignitaries – respected Sanjib Mishra (GM and HR Head, Dalmia cement, Umrangso), Md. Yousuf Alamgir (HR Plant Head, Dalmia cement, Umrangso), Dr. Ambika Hojai Karikhapsa (CMO Neepco, Umrangso) and Ottam Karikhapsa (Accounts Officer, Neepco, Umrangso). We began the much awaiting programme by invocation of Mangalacharan and lightening of lamp together with offering flowers at the portrait of Swamij. It was followed by welcome speech by Principal Sir. In his speech Sir highlighted the importance of games and sports, moral education and discipline... Read More

Kalpataru Divas
Vidyalaya observed Kalpataru Divas on 1st January 2020 in brief so as to fulfil our wishes. On this auspicious occasion, Sri Vijay Upadhyay (TGT, Hindi) delivered his valuable speech highlighting the significance of the occasion. He narrated the significance of the fruitful tree, fulfilment of wishes of Sri Sri Ramkrishna Paramahansadev’s disciples on this occasion and our efforts to move forward forgetting our past errors. He also wished a happy and prosperous new year to all of us. It was followed by prize distribution of some co-curricular activities. Finally all the students gathered in the ground for class picnic.

Gita Jayanti
The Gita Gyan Jayanti was observed in the vidyalaya on 27th Dec, 2019.  It began with offering flowers at the portrait of lord Krishna. It was followed by a bhajan by a group of students. Sri Santosh Dubey (TGT, Sanskrit) and Vijay Kumar Upadhyay (TGT, Hindi) delivered speech on the significance of Gita Gyan jayanti. Both of them highlighted the Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raj Yoga, etc. and appealed the students to apply the learning of Gita in their lives. Willing students from classes KG to IX and XI took part in it and chanted the given slokas from “Bhagavat Gita” chapter-1. Most of the participants showed their perfection while chanting the slokas.

Sukapha Divas
Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Umrangso observed Asom Divas (Sukapha Divas) on 2nd Dec, 2016 in the morning assembly to remember the historic coronation day when Chawlung Sukapha established the Ahom Dynasty in 1228. We initiated the by offering flowers at the portrait of Sukafa by respected Principal Sri P.V. Ramesan. A patriotic song was sung by a group of students. Dipankar Debnath (PGT, Geography) delivered a short speech on Sukapha contribution to us. He highlighted Chawlung Sukafa’s introduction of inter-caste marriage, justice to his subjects bringing all the people into one class “Assamese” etc. There were more than 330 students present in it.

Lachit Divas
The land of Assam discovered the great warrior, patriot Lachit Barphukan on 24th of November, 1622. To commemorate the great son of Assam, Lachit Barphukan vidyalaya observed Lachit Divas on 25th of November, 2019 though it falls on 24th of November( due to Sunday). The program started with offering flowers in the portrait of Lachit Barphukan by respected principal Sri PV Ramesan and Primary in charge Sri R K Tiwari.  Su Rekhamoni Gogoi and Smt Rima Borgohain, teachers of the Vidyalaya delivered speech on that memorable day. They mainly focused in the biography of the great warrior and how he saved Assam from the clutches of Mughal empire in the battle of Saraighat. A song, 'Luitore paror ami deka lora` was sung by class viii students and made the program fruitful.

Children's Day
On 14th November Vidyalaya celebrated Children’s Day with great fervour and zeal. In Primary Block, a cultural programme was organized by the teacher for children. There was also a speech delivery by one of the teacher – Su lily Devi. In the Secondary Block Sri Satyajit Duwarah (Teacher) delivered a speech on the significance of the occasion. An inter School Volleyball Competition was also organized on the occasion where a total number of 8 teams from all around Umrangso participated. In the competition VKV (NEEPCO), Umrangso became the champion. Garampani Govt. High School became the 1st Runner Up and J.B. Hagjer College... Read More

Prize Giving Ceremony (Vigilance Awareness Week -2019)
On the occasion of ' Vigilance Awareness Week', KHEP NEEPCO (Umrangso) with the help of VKV (NEEPCO), Umrangso conducted a slogan writing competition on 31st October, 2019. In view to that a prize giving ceremony was arranged in the Vidyalaya on 4th November, 2019. Sri Debotosh Bhattacharjee (HOP, KHEP NEEPCO) along with other officials graced the event. The few students who excelled in slogan writing competition on the topic 'Anti corruption' are Sringdi Warisa( 1st position, class ix), Suraj Paul (2nd, class x), Prantik Borua(3rd, class x), Richa Tiwari (class xii consolation prize) and Rahul Kanu (class x consolation prize). Sri Debotosh Bhattacharjee also gave away the winning trophy of recently held Kabaddi Tournament by Umrangso Royal Academy bagged by our Vidyalaya.

Sister Nivedita Jayanti
Sister Nivedita Jayanti was observed in the Vidyalaya during (secondary block) and after( primary block) the morning assembly on 29th of  October, 2019. The program began with mangalacharan together with floral tribute in the portrait of Sister Nivedita, Swamiji, Bharat Mata by the principal and primary in-charge of the Vidyalaya. The speaker of the program, Vice principal Sri Arunoday Roychaudhury and Sri Vijay Upadhaya sir spoke a few words about Nivedita's biography, her world of action, her dedication towards human service etc. The observation was graced with one patriotic song presentation by a group of students of class xi- arts...Read More

CBSE Cluster-I Football Tournament
A football team of VKV NEEPCO, Umrangso took part in CBSE Cluster-I Football Tournament held at South Point School, Guwahati from 7th September to 10th September. 22 schools from entire North East including Sikkim took part in the tournament and VKV NEEPCO Umrangso could hold the position of the second runner up. On 12-09-2019, a felicitation programme was organized in the school where Sri Debotosh Bhattacharjee, CGM, KHEP NEEPCO, Umrangso, Sri Mohan Dihingia, G.M, Civil, KHEP NEEPCO, Umrangso, Sri Sanjib Mishra, G.M, HR, Dalmia Cement Ltd. and Sri R.S. Routela, G.M., Technical, Dalmia Cement Ltd. was present...Read More

  Events (2019-20):
  • Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti celebrated...Read More
  • Universal Brotherhood day celebrated...Read More
  • Teachers day celebrated in the vidyalaya...Read More
  • Sankardev Tithi and Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated...Read More
  • Janmastami Celebration celebrated in the vidyalaya...Read More
  • Eknathji Punya Tithi observed...Read More
  • Independence day and Raksha Bandhan celebrated...Read More
  • International Yoga Day celebrated in the vidyalaya...Read More
  • Rabindra Jayanti observed in the vidyalaya...Read More
  • Vidyarambha and Varsharambha Ceremony...Read More
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