Vivekananda Kendra

Vivekananda Kendra, headquartered at Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu, is a spiritually service-oriented mission which looks after the famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial, situated at the southernmost tip of the Indian landmass. The rock in the mid-sea once was graced by Swami V ivekananda when he sat on the top of the rock meditating on India’s past, present and future on 25th, 26th, and 27th Dec’, 1892 before set out to represent India at the World Parliament of Religion at Chicago, USA. Sri Eknath Ranade singlehandedly accomplished the task of establishing Vivekananda Rock Memorial and further on, set up Vivekananda Kendra to carry forward the movement of organizing forces, spirit and paving way for participation from different quarters in the nation building work. The Kendra works with the twin ideals of Man- Making and Nation Building. With the noble intention of molding the modern Indian youths in tune with the inspiring vision of Swami Vivekananda for a rejuvenated India, the Kendra also set up 225 branch centers spread over 23 states of India.
Out of pure concern to draw the youths of the NE region in the nation-building work, when the public life in the region was being punctured by unrest from different quarters, Vivekananda Kendra commenced two of its major Educational Projects : Vivekananda  Kendra  Arunachal  Pradesh  Trust (VKVAPT) and  Vivekananda Kendra  Shiksha  Prasar Vibhag (VKSPV).
Vivekananda Kendra Arunachal Pradesh Trust (VKVAPT) supervises operation of 33 schools in Arunachal Pradesh.  Vivekananda Kendra Shiksha Prasar Vibhag (VKSPV) looks after the management of 18 schools in Assam and Nagaland.

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (NEEPCO) Umrangso, is one of the 17 schools operating in Assam, India under the guidance and supervision of VKSPV.