Gita Chanting Competition


VKV (NEEPCO), Umrangso observed (Gita Gyan Jnana) Gita Jayanti in befitting manner. The programme started in the morning assembly by offering flowers at the portraits of Bharat Mata and Swamiji by Sri Raj Kumar Tiwari (incharge of primary block). It was followed by a bhajan by a group of students. Sri Santosh Kumar Dubey (TGT, Sanskrit) delivered a speech on the significance of the day and importance of the Gita in our daily life. Gita chanting competition was held for students of classes I to XI as well as teachers which continued for a week. Most of the students took part in the competition and chanted the given shlokas. The teachers also persevered to chant the shlokas of Karmayoga (Bhagavad Gita).

Result for Gita Chanting Competition