Sadhana Divas (19th Nov, 2022)


VKV Umrangso celebrated Sadhana Divas to remember and pay tribute to the man with capital M. It was observed in the morning assembly to make the students aware of the great contribution done by Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade. As usual the programme began with mangalacharana followed by offering of flowers by Vice Principal Sri Prahlad Gogoi Sir. A melodious patriotic song dedicated to Eknathji was sung by a group of students of our Vidyalaya. It was followed by a speech by Sri Santanu Nandi Purkayasthya (a teacher) narrating Eknathji’s endeavour and toil to construct Vivekananda Rock Memorial and his social work in north east region.

Observation of Sadhana Divas: