Vidyarambha and Varsharambha Ceremony

Vidyarambha Ceremony

Vidyarambha ceremony was celebrated for KG students in the activity hall of the vidyalaya. It was initiated by Puja Yajna performed by Sri Santosh Kumar Dubey (a teacher). After the puja was over, the students were given honey to taste and they were taught to write the alphabets. Sri santosh Kumar dubey also spoke about benefits of learning in a very simple way to make the students understand why they should pursue their studies. Sweets were distributed among the students at the end of the programme.

Photo Gallery of Vidyarambha ceremony

Varsharambha ceremony
Varsharambha ceremony was performed on 8th May, 2019 for the students of Secondary block. The program started with mangalacharan. In the very outset Principal of the vidyalaya delivered a valuable speech on the importance of education in life. In his speech sir spoke the importance of such education by which one can have the overall development in one’s life. The student’s regularity not only in class but also in all other co-curricular activity was also emphasized in Principal’s speech.  After that the students offered flowers at the feet of goddess Saraswati and Swamaji. Programme was ended with santipath.Prasad was distributed among the students at the end of the program.

Photo Gallery of Varsharambha ceremony

Students offering flowers at the feet of
Goddess Saraswati 
Sri P V Ramesan (Principal) delivering speech
on the importance of education