Universal Brotherhood Day

Universal Brotherhood Day was celebrated in VKV Umrangso in online mode. It was attended by 240 students and 40 teachers. Sri P. V. Ramesan, the principal of the vidyalaya was the speaker for the online celebration. Principal Sir paid homage offering flowers at the portrait of Swamiji. Principal Sir also spoke on Swamiji’s powerful message and historic speech at the august gathering at Chicago for parliament of religions. Chicago speech was circulated among teachers as well as students of classes IX, X, XI and XII. There were online competitions for the students from KG to XII  -  fancy dress competition for KG,  handwriting competition(English) for class I, drawing competition for class II, reading competition(Hindi)  for class III, reading competition (English) for class IV,  poem(Hindi) recitation for class V, Gita Slokas for class VI, Chicago Speech for class VII, poem recitation(English) for class VIII, handicraft competition(using available materials) for class IX, quiz competition for class X, slogan writing for class XI and quiz competition for class XII students. The students enthusiastically took part in their competitions.