Universal Brotherhood Day and Sankardev Tithi (11/09/2018)

Universal brotherhood day was celebrated in VKV Umrangso in a befitting manner. Principal P. V. Ramesan, Vice Principal Sri Arundoy Roy Choudhury and the honourable guests respected Sri Debotosh Bhattacharjee, HOP, KHEP (NEEPCO) and Sri Mohan Dihingia, DGM, KHEP, NEEPCO paid homage to Swamiji and Mahapurush Sankardev offering flowers at their portraits. The felicitation of the chief guest as well as welcome speech was delivered by the Principal. The Principal mentioned in detail how Swamiji arrived at Chicago mesmerised the delegates from all over the world and established the true essence of Hinduism there. In his few but valuable words respected Sri Debotosh Bhattacharjee mentioned the great contributions of both the saints and told that our true homage to Swamiji and Sankardev Will be only when we carry forward the great task assigned to us. S. N. Purkayastha also delivered his wise thoughts on both the saints and asked the students to imbibe their teachings and apply them. The other attractions of the significant day were group song by students, Jhumura dance by class V students, Dihanaam by teachers as well as Bhakats from NEEPCO Naamghar and Dalmia Cement Ltd., etc. There were more than 500 people on the occasion. The programme concluded with Prasad distribution to all present on the occasion.