Personality Development Camp

Yoga Abhyas
A personality development Camp was conducted for the students of class VI from 23/05/18 to 28/05/18. A total 63 number of sutdents participated in the camp. Sri Arunoday Roychowdhury (vice-principal) was the Shibir Adhikary. The other responsibilities entrusted on the teachers are as follow: Shibir Pramukh- Sri R.K.Tiwari, Shibir Sanchalak- Sri K. Kochiary, Bopuddhik Pramukh- Sri L. S. Warkade, Sharirik Pramukh- Sri S.C. Sinha, Bybastha Pramukh – Sri Utpal Das and Su. Sonali Dey, Samay Prahari – Sri K. Kochiary and Shakshi Vinayak- Sri Kamal Sutradhar. The shibir started with prayer followed by bouddhik satra every day. Then Bouddhik Vishleshan, Karyashala, Yoga Abhyas, Geet Abhyas/bhajan, Samskar Varga, Meditation and finally through Kendra Prayer, it used to come to an end for the day. In the Bouddhik Satras, Sri Vijay Upadhaya, Sri Santosh Dubey, Sri K. Kochiary, sri Rajkumar Tiwari, and Sri Yogesh Kumar spoke on “Swami Vivekananda- Our Hero”, “Bharat Mata”, “Sister Nivedita”, “Swachhata as a way of life” and “Samskar Varga” respectively. On the other hand, the Karyashalas were conducted on “Leadership Quality” (by Sri Arunoday Roy Chowdhury), “Know yoyr Family” (by Smt. Pompi Das), “Communication-game” (by Sri Uttam Ray) and “What can we do to keep oue vidyalaya clean?”(by Sri S. N. Purkayastha). The ‘Yoga Abhyas’, ‘Samskar Varga’ and ‘Meditation’ satra was conducted by Sri Paban Pegu and Sri S.C. Sinha. The ‘Geet abhyas/bhajan’ satras were conducted by Smt Mrinali Borthakur and Su. Suma Das. Finally, on 28/05/18 the shibir was conluded through one ‘Validictory Programme’ where Smt. Rupa Dey(Assistant Account Officer- NEEPCO) was present as the chief guest to bless the students. Sri P.V.Rameshan, the principal of the vidyalaya, welcomed the chief guest with of love phulan gamuchha and a token of love and delivered a short speech on the PDC. Then Sri R.K.Tiwari declaerd the vote of thanks and the five days came to an end with flying colours.

Geet Abhyas
 Meditation Satra

Validictory Programme