Mananeeya Eknathji Janma Shati Parva

The following programmes are being conducted all over India with the help of different VKVs and branches  of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari:

Karya Sankalp

I. Anandalya
Type- A : Youths to serve in the Anandalayas running in Tea garden areas.
Type –B : In the cities and other areas where that model will not  work/ be required, it can be in the form of free tutorial classes in the following pattern.
Duration    :           1hr & 30 min. to 2hrs per class
Frequency  :           Minimum 2days per week
No of students  :     Maximum 20 Students in a particular batch
Syllabus     :           School syllabus as remedial class. If the Yuva-teacher is very good crash course for National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) can also be taken. (nearly 2/3rd time)
Remaining 1/3rd time – pranayam/ ‘Om Kar’ meditation 5 to 7 minutes , Surya Namaskar/ Asanas for children 8 to 10 minutes, Games – 1 / 2 games for 10 to 15 minutes, song / story for  5 to 8 minutes.
Standard    :           Depending on the teacher (Yuva) classes can be decided
Sanskar varga for school going children 1hr 30 min to 2hrs, once in a week.
2.       Yoga varga/ Yoga satra ( yoga classes) for youth and elders
3.       Swadhyay varga for youths and  Vimarsha for elites / Intellectuals

Type A : As we practice one / more members read paragraph wise from a book/ an article/ a topic and then discussions goes on it.
Type B : Like Vimarsha one / two members can come prepared on a certain portion from a prescribed book/ article/ on a current topic and present the same in 10 to 15 minutes in the group. Then after other members will join in the discussion adding their view points. Besides a song a game can also be played. Sometimes few rounds surya namaskar/ praanayam  abhyas can also be done.
Type C :  Youths  can take swadhyaya class in various schools. I.e. story telling class from panchatantra, epics, life history of Indian heros etc. a game/ a song can also be taken. Sometimes organizing story telling competitions among those students, giving them prizes/ certificates etc.
Time : One period per week per class.  (minimum 60% time to be given for story and rest for games/ ajnan/ song etc.)
Preparations: Proper and prior permission to be taken from the school. Initially preferably those schools can be selected where one of our Karyakarta / well wisher is a HM/ teacher. Possibly a fix period of a particular day of the week will be good for a class. Two youths can go together. They need to prepare well about the story they will be telling, the game/ song they will be leading. Proper dress up etc. is also to be taken care. Time need to be maintained well.

Note: For Sanskar Varga, Yoga Varga / Yoga Satra, Swadhyaya Varga  
(type A) Branch centre guide lines can be referred.

Yoga for Children : This is also to be conducted within a school period. More focus to be given in Surya Namaskar. Followings can be included-
Surya Namaskar                                 :           15 Minutes
Asans/ pranayam/ meditation     :           7 Minutes
Game                                                       :           10 Minutes
Song                                                         :           5 Minutes
Later Surya Namaskar competitions can be conducted in the school for perfect posture. Best performer can be encouraged by making team leader etc. Samuhik Surya Namaskar  can be organized taking the students of various schools.

Preparations : As per  Swadhyaya Varga type C
Non residential personality development camps for school students –
Standard : class IV to VIII
Duration: 3 to 5 days (3 to 4 hours per day)
Surya Namaskar, Yoga & meditation : 30 minutes
Games & Ajnyas : 45 Minutes
Songs, Bhajans : 15 Minutes
Baudhik  : 45 Minutes
Group discussions / Workshops: 1 hour.

Non student Youth can organize Yuva Prerana Shibirs for H.S. and above students in similar way, topis of Baudhik &  discussion can be different.
Pariksha De Haste Haste (PDHH) can also be conducted in series for IX to XII students. PPT is available for this.

VIII. Publication / literary activities like-
Collecting articles, editing, designing etc. : Interested Youths may be guided to write / collect articles for Jagriti, Yuva Bharati & Kendra Bharati. Some may get inspired to publish Jamna Shati Souvenir or may contribute in editing and designing of Jagriti specially among Guwahati based Youths.

Sale / distribution of literatures books/ magazines etc.: Interested Youths may be inspired for making subscriber of Kendra Magazines specially Jagriti. Book stalls may be given in various places/ educational institutions and outside on various occasions.

Writing and publishing in dailies/ monthly etc.: Interested Youths to be encouraged to write articles/ poems/ drawings etc. on Eknathji, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Swami Vivekananda, On Indian culture, Great achievements of India, Life and contribution of great Indians etc and publish in various news papers in different languages in regular intervals.
Developing a library and study habits among students in the Kendra branch centres.
Patron Drive: Supporting the work and workers, working delicately for the cause of nation by generating funds from the society.:- For students annual patron idea should be given. Some will be interested for such works. For Non students Lump Sum and perpetual idea to be given importance.

Conducting competitions among students and others -
Cultural competitions – written, elocution, debate, quiz etc. for school children:- Normally Youths(students) will be interested to organize some competition etc. In the line of Srimanta Sankardev Pragyan Protiyogita which we are doing in Assam every year, some book based competition like exams, quiz etc. or on some relevant topics Elocution, debate, easy writing competition can be organized. As its follow up programme non residential PDC can also be organized which can continue further as weekly Sanskar Varga etc.

Games & sports etc. : Many school children will be interested in games and sports. Some games and sports like Kabaddi, Volly ball, football, Kho-Kho, running race, relay race, long jump etc. can be organized by interested Youths for school children. Coming together for a single cause/ team spirit is to be kept in priority.  The tea garden/ Janajati area students may be more interested for this. Follow up has to be done as mentioned in point No. X (a).

Drawings and paintings : The youths who are interest/ have passion on drawings and paintings can also conduct competitions and follow up has to be done as mentioned in point No. X (a).

Swachha Bharateeya – Swachha Bharat (SBSB) : The Swachha Bharat programme lunched by Hon. Prime Minister of India on 2 Oct may be more appealing to the youths to take up as Seva karya, as well as for the students/ common people at present. Interested youth team can organize this involving school/ college students, villagers/ clubs etc. and take up the works of Swachhata in their respective schools, colleges, bastis , villages etc.

Programmes successfully conducted in VKV-Umrangso are : Click