MEJSP in Umrangso


Samidha, the concluding part of MEJSP was observed in a solemn way. After paying floral tribute at the portrait of Mananeeya Eknathji, the Principal of the Vidyalaya illustrated the unique works and profound dedication of Eknathji in his beautiful speech. Two group songs by students - " Satasa Namana Sri Eknathji......" and " Hum Hain Anuragi Eknath Ki........"; group discussion by teachers invitees present there and speech by the chief guest Sri  Devdulal Choudhury (Lecturer, J B Hagjer College) were some of the events of the programme.

Programmes conducted in VKV NEEPCO, Umrangso

As a part of Mananeeya Eknathji Janma Satapdi Parva (MEJSP), a Career Guidance Programme was organised in J B Hagjer College, Umrangso on 18th and 22nd September by a group of teachers of the Vidyalaya. The programme was started with a slide show presentation on the success story of Eknath Ranade. Then Sri S. N. Purkayastha, PGT(Biology) of  our Vidyalaya  briefed the life history of Eknath Ranade. After this, Sri B. R. Singhania, PGT(Physics) , Sri M M Singha, TGT(Mathematics) and Sri L. S. Workade TGT(Hindi)  of our Vidyalaya spoke on different careers to the students of the college. A few lecturers of the College were also present in the programme.

In connection to MEJSP, a Youth Awareness programme was conducted on 28th September in the Activity Hall of the Vidyalaya. A good number of students of J B Hagjer College, Umrangso joined in the programme. The programme was started at 9:00 am with the speech of the Principal of the Vidyalaya. He spoke on ‘Purposeful life of Eknathji’. Sri K K Shukla PGT(Hindi) of the Vidyalaya delivered a speech on the topic “Who am I?”. A Group Discussion on the topic “Aim in your life and how you will achieve it” was also held among the various groups of the participants. The group discussion was coordinated by Sri S N Purkayastha and Sri Santanu Nath. A group of teachers of the Vidyalaya assisted them. A Game Session was conducted by Sri Pawan Pegu, a PET of the Vidyalaya. The programme was concluded at 1:00 pm with light refreshment. Some moments of the programme were: