International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day conducted at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (NEEPCO) Umrangso on 21st June 2018. A total of 640 students of the Vidyalaya along with 25 NEEPCO Officials and 100 students of J.B. Hagjer College participated in the Programme.
The resource persons were Sri P.V. Ramesan (Principal) and Sri Paban Pegu (Physical Education Teacher) at Sr. Secondary Block and Sri S. Surachandra Singha (Physical Education Teacher) at Primary Block.

Some of the highlights of the speech were as follows:
1.         All spiritual practices weather it is selfless service to society or meditation or studying scriptures are to help us to move near to God.
2.         Swami Vivekananda proclaimed that each soul is potentially divine.
3.         Yoga is a process by which the animal man becomes superman and the divine man.
4.         Yoga is a healthy way of life originated in ancient India.
5.         Yoga signifies integration of personality. It is believed that Lord Shiva performed Yoga.
6.         During Indus Valley civilization a number of seals depicting the pictures of yogis were found , however systematic reference of yoga is found in Patanjali’s “Yoga Darshana”.
7.         On 11th Dec   the United Nations general assembly with 194 nations approved the proposal to celebrate June 21st as International Yoga Day.

The Yoga sessions were conducted at three places , i) NEEPCO Recreational Club for the staff of NEEPCO  ii)Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (NEEPCO) Umrangso and iii)J.B Hagjer College.

Some of the Asanas conducted were:-
In Standing Position
1.         Ardhakatichakrasana with explaining its benefits.
2.         Tadasana
3.         Vrikshasana
4.         Padhastasana
5.         Ardhachakra asana

In Sitting Position
1.         Vajra asana
2.         Ushtra asana
3.         Pascimotana asana
In Lying Position
1.         Bhujanga asana
2.         Savasana

Surya Namaskar was also performed by the students and the staff of NEEPCO.
Some of the Pranayam were concluded such as:-
1.         Anuloma Viloma
2.         Nadi Shuddhi
3.         Brahmari Pranayam
The session was of nearly one hour at all these three places.

On the eve of National Youth Day, all the teachers did Yoga practice in the evening in the activity hall of the vidyalaya under the guidance of Principal Sri P V Ramesan. 

Yoga Practice by students

Yoga Practice by Teachers