Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi was observed in VKV Umrangso in brief on 13/09/2018. The programme began with offering flowers at the portraits of Lord Ganesha and Swamiji by the Principal and Vice Principal of the vidyalaya.  It was followed by Aarati performed by teachers. Sri Utpal Das (a teacher) delivered a speech on Lord Ganesha. He narrated the significance of the day and how people started to pray to Lord Ganesha before starting any auspicious work.  Principal Sri P V Ramesan also delivered a short speech and sang a bhajan on Lord Ganesha. It was followed by a bhajan by class VII students. The participants and position holders of Gannit Prajna Parikhya were also given certificates and trophies on the occasion. The programme concluded with Santipath.