Session 2016-17

Varshant Samaroha

The Varshant Samaroha was performed in the Vidyalaya 17th  February 2017 for class XII students an auspicious way. All the students attended it to get inspiration and blessing of the teachers as they are going to appear in the board examination. Sri Santosh Dubey (Teacher) performed Puja in accordance with the given guidelines. The Principal of the Vidyalaya delivered a inspiring speech that had a great effect on the students to prepare for their examination. The programme came to an end with Santipath.
Class XII- Arts Batch (2016-17) 

Class XII Science Batch (2016-17) 

Ramkrishna Jayanti

The Vidyalaya observed Ramkrishna Jayanti on 18th February 2017. It was observed in brief in the morning assembly.  As usual the programme started with Mangalacharana and floral tribute at the portrait of the great saint by the Principal. A group of students from class VII sang a Bhajan on Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansadev while Sri Kamal  Sutradhar (Teacher) delivered an elaborate speech on the life, works, message and vision of life of the great saint. 

Sri Kamal Sutrdhar (Teacher) delivering speech 

Matri Puja

Matri Puja was performed in the Vidyalaya on 11th February, 2017 in an auspicious way. It was performed for the students of class X. The students and their parents attended the programme. The programme was fruitful as students could understand the contribution of their parents in their lives. Many of the students as well as parents could not hold their tears listening to mothers’ confession of their hardship to nurture their children and children’s gratitude expressed there. The Principal of the Vidyalaya also delivered his valuable speech on the significance of the programme. 

Saraswati Puja

Vidyalaya celebrated Saraswati Puja in a grand way. It started at around 7.30am amidst large number of devotees. All teachers, students and a large number of parents and devotees offered Pushpanjali at the feet of Goddess Saraswati. At 12 noon Prasad and khichuri were distributed among all present there. The ritual was graced with the presence of honourable General Manager Sri Debotosh Bhattacharjee and other officials from NEEPCO (KHEP, Umrangso). There were near about 1700 people who attended the programme. In the evening, the teachers as well as students gathered once again in the Vidyalaya to pray to Goddess Saraswati and seek her blessing.

Republic Day

The 68th Republic Day was celebrated in VKV Umrangso amidst joy and pride. The programme began at 7.25 AM. Principal of the Vidyalaya, Sri P V Ramesan, unfurled the national flag while all the students, teachers and parents saluted it and sang national anthem. It was followed by a valuable speech delivered by the Principal.  In his speech, he highlighted the significance of the day and how India became a powerful democratic republic because of our constitution. There was a patriotic song presentation by class X students. Besides the speech delivery by the Principal, two students from class XI science – Asmita Koiri and Amrita Sinha delivered their respective speeches on the significance of the day. After the programme was over, students from class VI to XII proceeded to NEEPCO Office premise to take part in the republic day celebration there.  National anthem, patriotic song, band display, ribbon drill, etc were some of the events where the students showed active participation and perfection. Both students and teachers took part in various games like musical chairs, balloon bursting, tug-of-war and cricket match. 

Netaji Jayanti

On 23rd January 2017, Vidyalaya observed Netaji Jayanti in brief. It was observed in the morning assembly session. The programme began by offering of flowers at the portrait of Subhash Chandra Bose by the Principal of the Vidyalaya. Sri Santosh Dubey (Teacher) delivered a valuable speech on Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. He highlighted how the great freedom fighter was influenced by Swamiji’s writing, his strong decision to fight the British, his effort to form Indian Army against the British, etc. The prayer group students presented a patriotic song on the occasion. There were more than 350 people (students & staffs) in the programme.

Silpi Divas

VKV Umrangso remembered Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala, the cultural icon of Assam, in brief way on 19th January, 2017 on the occasion of Silpi Divas . It was held at the Vidyalaya activity hall during CSA period. It started with the floral tribute by Sri K. K. Sukla (Teacher) at the portrait of the famous artist. Sri Dhan Pradhan (Teacher) delivered his valuable speech highlighting the great artist's carrier within his short span of life. Students sang group song composed by the cultural icon on the occasion. There were more than 200 students to attend the programme.

National Youth Day (Vivekananda Jayanti)

Vidaylaya celebrated National Youth Day (Vivekananda Jayanti) on 12th Jan, 2017 to pay homage and tribute to Swami Vivekananda. The programme began at 8.15 AM by lightening of auspicious lamp and offering of flowers at the portrait of Swami vivekananda by Principal Sri P. V. Ramesan , Vice Principal Sri Tanmay Sarkar, parents and teachers. It was followed by a short speech by the Principal highlighting Swami Vivekananda’s vision and his faith in youths. There was a procession that was flagged off by the Principal of J. B. Hagzer College, Sri Kanti Ranjan Dey and Sri Debdulal Choudhury, lecturer of J. B. Hagzer College. The procession took a round around Umrangso area amidst slogans by students and teachers. While procession arrived at F type colony of NEEPCO, there was another round of offering of flowers at the portrait of Swamiji. Sri Santosh Dubey (Teacher) delivered a short speech on Swamiji’s work for motherland. There were more than 300 people in the procession. 

School Annual day

Group Dance by KG children
Welcome speech by Sri P V Ramesan (Principal)
VKV Umrangso celebrated its Annual Day amidst vibrancy, joy and mesmerizing moment. It was celebrated on the eve of Vivekananda Jayanti at NRC auditorium where more than 1000 people attended the programme . The programme started with lightening of the auspicious lamp by chief guest, guests of honour, Principal and Vice Principal. It was followed by a welcome song by class X students. Sri P. V. Ramesan (Principal) welcomed the chief guest Sri Prasant Rongpi (DGM Security, KHEP, NEEPCO), other guests – Sri. Mohan Chandra Dihingia (DGM Civil, NEEPCO), Sri Padmanabhan Chakraborty (Assistant executive director, Dalmia Bharat Cement Ltd.), Sri A. K. Shaw (Senior Manager, Finance, NEEPCO), Sri Randeep Changkakoti (Senior Manager, HR , NEEPCO), parents and all others who thronged on the occasion. In his welcome address he highlighted the mission of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas set by Eknathji Ranade and requested the students to develop themselves physically, intellectually and emotionally and thereby contribute to the nation building mission of Swami Vivekananda. In the prize distribution ceremony the chief guest and other guests of honour gave away some of the prizes to students. Sri Tanmay Sarkar (Vice Principal) presented the school report in brief. He presented the achievements and progress that the school achieved during the academic session 2016-17. The second part that is the cultural programme was full of vibrancy, zest and elation. Folk dance, Sanskrit song, dance on Nazrul and Rabindra sangeet, Jyoti Sangeet, Group Dance on Assam and Assamese culture were some of the attractive programmes that really mesmerized all.

Some of the memorial snaps of Annual Day

Sarada Maa Jayanti

Bhajan choired by the students of class IX
Vidyalaya celebrated Sarada Maa Jayanti on 20th December 2016 in briefing the morning assembly. At first, there was floral tribute at the portrait of holy mother, Maa Sarada while all the teachers and students chanted mangalacharana together. It was followed by a melodious bhajan by the students of class IX. Sri P. V. Ramesan (Principal) delivered a valuable speech highlighting holy mother’s qualities like – motherly nature, ability to accommodate everyone, nursing Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa in his illness, etc. The programme ended with Santi path.

Speech by Sri P V Ramesan (Principal)

Gita Chanting Competition

The Gita Chanting competition was held in the Vidyalaya for the students of class III to X where 59 students from primary section and 40 from secondary section took part in it.  The final round of the competition was held on two phases - on 16th January 2016 for primary section and on 17th January 2016 for secondary section. In the first phase 39 selected students from primary section chanted 11 Slokas from Sixteenth Chapter of the Gita to show their skill in it. Similarly 31 selected students from the secondary section took part in the second phase of the competition and chanted 24 Slokas from the same Chapter of the Gita. Sri S. Dubey (Tecaher), Sri  S. K. Sukla (Teacher) and  Sri P. V. Ramesan (Principal)  judged the  students and selected 10 students in both the phases for prizes of proficiency and appreciation.
Gita Chanting Competition 

A Family Get Together (Parivar Sanmelan)
Speech by Sri Santosh Dubey (Teacher)
A family get together of parents of class VII students was organised in the Vidyalaya activity hall today (10th Dec, 2016) at 10 AM on the occasion of Gita Jnan Yajna where more than 150 people attended the programme. The programme began with invocation of mangalacharana together and was followed by welcome speech to one and all present there by Sri K K Sukla (Teacher). Sri Santosh Dubey,a teacher of the Vidyalaya elaborated the significance of the programme highlighting key factors of an ideal family – mutual understanding must for congenial atmosphere in a family, to have food together, follow our rituals and teach them to children, have  oil bath in a week, to avoid quarrel and maintain peaceful atmosphere at home, keep fasting once in a month, prayer to Gods/Goddess before food etc. He also mentioned that an ideal family is indispensable for proper mould and all round development of children. It was followed by a healthy and meaningful group discussion on the topic “Characteristics of an ideal family and its role for the proper development of children”. After the group discussion everyone agreed that an ideal family is possible where there is respect for each other, feeling of oneness, both mother as well as father shoulders responsibility as expected, practice themselves before teaching anything to children, conscious of children's growth and development and fulfilling needs as required as well as guide according to changed situation etc. Parents present in the programme appreciated the topic for group discussion and expressed satisfaction for such programme.
group discussion in progress
gathering on the ocassion of Parivar 

Parents are exploring the theme of group discussion

Sukaphaa Divas
Sri P V Ramesan (Principal) offering flower at the portrait of  
Chaolung Sukaphaa
Vidyalaya community observed Asom Divas (Sukaphaa Divas) today (2nd Dec, 2016) in the morning assembly to remember the historic coronation day when Chaolung Sukaphaa established the Ahom Dynasty in 1228. The observation of Sukaphaa Divas began by offering of flowers at the portrait of Sukaphaa by respected Principal Srii P.V. Ramesan. A patriotic song was sung by class VIII students. Sri Satyajit Duwarah, a teacher of the Vidyalaya delivered a short speech on Sukaphaa highlighting his efforts to unite all tribals and non tribals into Assamese class, introduction of inter caste marriage, justice to his subjects etc. There were more than 330 students present in it.

Speech by Sri Satyajit Duwarah (Teacher)

Lachit Divas

Sri D. Devnath (Teacher) is delivering speech on 
Lachit Borphukan
The great patriot and supreme commander-in-chief of Ahom dynasty, Lachit Borphukan was remembered today (24th Nov, 2016) by the students and teachers of VKV Umrangso.  On his birthday observation Vice Principal Sri Tanmay Sarkar and other teachers who were present on the occasion offered floral tribute at his portrait while all the students chanted mangalacharana together. A patriotic song was sung by class VIII students. It was followed by a speech delivered by Sri Dipankar Dev Nath, a teacher of the Vidyalaya highlighting Lachit’s victory over Mughals at Saraighat battle, his endeavour to keep so many tribes united against the mutual aggression and his patriotism. A Speech Competition (classes VII to X) was conducted on the occasion. More than 220 students attended the programme.

Speech Competition

Sadhana Divas

Vidyalaya celebrated Sadhana Divas in a different way to remember and pay tribute to the man with capital M. It was observed at three places – J. B. Hagar college, NEEPCO office and at our Vidyalaya so as to make our neighbouring people aware of the great contribution done by Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade. The details of the observation are as follow:

 Observation at J. B. Hagzer college:

Sri P V Ramesan(Principal) is narrating Eknathji's endeavour and toil to construct
Vivekananda Rock Memorial  and his social work in North East region.
All the students and teachers of the college with a group of teachers and students from our Vidyalaya paid homage observing Sadhana Divas there. As usual the programme began with mangalacharana followed by offering of flowers by principal Sri Ramesan Sir and principal of the college Sri K.R. Dey sir.  Debdulal Chaudhuri ( lecturer of J.B.Hagzer college) welcomed everyone present there. A melodious patriotic song dedicated to Eknathji was sung by students of our Vidyalaya. It was followed by valuable speech by principal Ramesan sir narrating Eknathji’s endeavour and toil to construct Vivekananda Rock Memorial and his social work in north east region. A ppt on “Construction of Rock Memorial” and “Seeking Success” by Mananeeya Eknathji was shown to highlight his works and contribution motherland. A group discussion on “A small gift for you” was conducted among the students of the college. Each group discussed the topic and one from each five groups presented it. Principal of the college Sri K. R. Dey thanked our principal sir for conducting such a programme. 160 students and 12 teachers from J B Hagjar College attended the programme . Supriya Deb,  a teacher of our Vidyalaya gave vote of thank to one and all present there. The programme concluded with santipath.

Group Discussion
Welcome speech by Sri K. R. Dey
 (Principal , J B Hagzer College)

Observation at NEEPCO Office:

Welcome speech by Sri R Changkakoti
(HOP- in -charge, NEEPCO, Umrangso)
Employees of neepco office paid homage to Eknathji Ranade today on his janmatithi. It began with invocation of mangalacharana by our teachers followed by offering of flowers by HOP in charge B. Chakrabarty, senior manager Sri R. Changkakoty Principal P.V. Ramessn sir and Vice Principal Tanmay Sarkar sir. Senior manager Sri Changkakoty sir  welcomed all (50 employees) and others present there for the auspicious programme. The other highlights of the programme were a song on Eknathji by our teachers, a ppt on Eknathji and speech by the Principal P. V. Ramesan sir elaborating the points:
i) Eknathji’s public relation as narrated in Yuva Bharati
ii) How Vivekananda Kendra activities and VKVs began in north east.
iii) Various activities of VK all over india . 
Vice Principal Sri Tanmay Sarkar gave vote of thank to everyone for their kind presence on the occasion. 

PPT on Mananeeya Eknathji 
Speech by
Sri P V Ramesan (Pricipal, VKV NEEPCO, Umrangso)

Observation at VKV NEEPCO, UMRANGSO:

observation at VKV NEEPCO, Umrangso
Students and teachers of our Vidyalaya gathered in the activity hall today (19th Nov, 2016) to  observe Sadhana Divas and pay tribute to the  founder of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya , Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade. As usual we began our observation by offering floral tribute at the portrait of Eknathji. Vice principal together with all the teachers present there offered flowers at his portrait. It was followed by opening song by class VIII students. Vice Principal Sri Tanmay Sarkar delivered his meaningful speech on the significance of the day and urged all of us to render service to nation according to our capacity. There was patriotic song competition among the four houses where Kanaklata house begged the first position followed by Lokmanya Tilak house. The preliminary round of  speech competition was conducted in the classes from VII too XII on the occasion of Sadhana Divas today. More than 350 students attended the programme.

Opening song by class VIII students
Prize distribution among the students

Children's Day
Chacha Nehru, the great Indian leader and the first prime minister of India who worked great for well-being, progress and education of our children, was remembered on his birthday (14th Nov, 2016) by observing Bal Divas in the Vidyalaya in the morning assembly. Sri P V Ramesan, the principal of the Vidyalaya paid floral tribute at his portrait while all the students and teachers invoked mangalacharana together. The students of the assembly group sang a patriotic song for their adorable Chacha Nehru. Sri  B R Singhania, a teacher of the Vidyalaya delivered a valuable speech on Nehru highlighting his contribution for our youths and his dedication for our country.
sports events on the occasion of Children's Day 

Sister Nivedita Jayanti and Rastriya Ekta Divas

Speech by Sri Pannalal Datta (Teacher)
on the occasion Sister Nivedita Jayanti
As Vidyalaya was closed on 28th October, 2016; Sister Nivedita Jayanti was observed on 31st October, 2016 during morning assembly. To remember and pay homage to her, Sri Tanmay Sarkar, Vice Principal of the Vidyalaya offered floral tribute to this devotee and follower of swami Vivekananda. A patriotic song was sung by students. Sri Pannalal Datta, a teacher of the Vidyalaya elaborated her contribution to us in a lucid manner.

Vidyalaya also paid tribute to the iron man of India, Sardar Vallavbhai Patel observing Rastriya Ekta Divas on 31st October, 2016 in brief. Vice Principal Sri Tanmay Sarkar paid floral tribute to this great freedom fighter who endeavoured for United India. It was accompanied by invocation of mangalacharana by students. Students of class VII sang a patriotic song to remember the great patriot. Sri K.  Kochiary, a teacher of the Vidyalaya expressed his wisdom in highlighting the works of Sardar Vallabbhai Patel that inspired all of us.

Gandhi Jayanti and Sastri jayanti
Bhajan on Gandhiji

VKV Umrangso joined the nation in celebrating Gandhi Jayanti and Sastri Jayanti and remembered the father of the nation and the 3rd prime minister of our country in befitting manner. In accordance with the tradition of our Vidyalaya, we started the programme by invoking Mangalacharana and offering floral tribute by the Principal, P V Ramesan at the portraits of the great sons of our country. It was followed by Bhajan on Gandhiji. Two students spoke in brief on the life and work of the great freedom fighters. Then the Principal also showed his wisdom in delivering valuable words on their immense contribution to the nation. He also asked all the students and teachers to render Shramdan on the auspicious location. The cleaning drive was done in and around the school campus by all the students and staff of the school.
the cleaning drive was done by students and teachers

Universal Brotherhood Day

welcome speech by Sri P V Ramesan
(Principal, VKV NEEPCO, Umrangso)
Universal brotherhood day was celebrated in VKV Umrangso in a befitting manner. Principal Sri P. V. Ramesan , Vice principal Sri Tanmay Sarkar and the chief guest respected Sri Debdulal Choudhury (lecturer of J. B. Hagzar Junior College) paid homage to Swamiji offering flowers at his portrait. The felicitation of the chief guest as well as welcome speech was delivered by the Principal of the Vidyalaya .There were melodious performances by students -  patriotic songs, group songs on Swamiji, powerful dramatic skill on the theme “Swami Vivekananda at Chicago for parliament of religions” and his historic speech at the august gathering presented by students – all were appreciated by teachers, students and guests present there. In his valuable speech, the chief guest Sri Debdulal Choudhury beautifully elaborated Swamiji’s works and contribution for our motherland. It was followed by prize distribution to our academic achievers, cent percent attendance holders and students of neighbouring schools who showed their talent in delivering speech in the competition held at Garampani Govt. High school on the eve of Universal Brotherhood Day. The teachers coming from those schools graced the occasion. Vice principal, Sri Tanmay Sakar, on behalf of VKV Umrangso, expressed his heartfelt thanks to one and all present there and all others making the programme a successful one.

Some of the memorial snaps of Universal Brotherhood Day

Birthday of Bhupen Hazarika

Vidalaya remembered Bharatratna Sudhakantha Dr. Bhupen Hazarika celebrating his 90th “Janma Diwas” on 8th Sept, 2016. Vice principal Sri Tanmay Sarkar initiated the programme paying floral tribute at his portrait. Following this, there was brief speech delivery by Santosh Dubey(TGT Sanskrit) and Sudakshina Bhattacharjee (student of class VIII). Then there were many events of presentation of Dr. Hazarika’s song by teachers as well as students; out of which song presented by Nikita Kalita (class VIII) impressed one and all present there. At last we all sang “Manuhe manuhar babe.......” and chanted “Santi path” to end the programme.

Ganesh Chaturthi
Vidyalaya celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi together with Teacher's day celebration on 5th Sept, 2016 in the activity hall. We paid floral tribute at the portrait of lord Ganesha and the teachers (prayer group on that day) sang bhajan. Sri Lamu singh Warkade (TGT Hindi) threw light on the significance of the day.
observation of Ganesh Chaturthi

Teachers' Day

morning assembly by the teachers of  VKV Umrangso
Teachers in VKVs play the pivotal role in moulding the character of their students and making them responsible future citizens of our nation. Although the students can't thank their teachers enough for their dedication and hard work, they tried to give a special treat to them celebrating Teachers Day in a befitting manner. In the morning, the acting teachers took classes and felt the hardship their teachers face everyday for them. At 11.30 there was a cultural programme that meant to give full entertainment so that the teachers enjoy till the last minute. It began with paying homage at the portrait of Dr. Servapalli Radhakrishnan by Principal Sri P. V. Ramesan, Vice-Principal Sri Tanmay Sarkar and acting principal and vice principal. It was followed by speech by H.P. Sharma (PGT Eco) on the life and philosophy of the renowned teacher. Following that, there were many power packed events – group song, group dance, fusion dance, drama on teacher's endeavor to mould the budding buds. The teachers were felicitated by the students as well as by school authority. Moreover, the teachers/staff who did duty with cent percentage were also acknowledged by principal. Finally the teachers were served special and delicious cake and sweets at the end of the programme.

Some of the memorial snaps of Teachers' Day




Sankardev Tithi

"Borgeet" presentation by the students
The  Tithi of Srimanta Sankardev, the pioneer of Neo-vaishnavite movement and Eksaran Naamdhatma was celebrated in the Vidyalaya in a grand way. Offering floral tribute at the portrait of Mahapurush Srimanta Sannkardev  we prayed to him to bless us with peaceful life. A melodious “Borgeet” by students was followed by the valuable speech by Satyajit Duwarah, a teacher of our Vidyalaya. The other attractive events of this auspicious day were satriya dance by students - Ashrukana Baishya and Priyankshi Devi, speech by chief guest respected Lily Sonowal and dihanaam by “Bhakatbrinda” hailing from Umrangso Naamghar.
Satriya dance by the student
(Kumari Priyankshi Devi)

"Borgeet" presentation by the students

Dihanaam by “Bhakatbrinda” hailing from Umrangso Naamghar.

Eknathji Punya Tithi & Madhav Dev Tithi

The punnya tithi of Mananeeya Eknathji and Mahapurush Madhav Dev was observed in the Vidyalaya on 22nd August  2016. Principal Sri P. V. Ramesan offered floral tribute at the portrait of both the saints while while the prayer group chanted mangalacharana. A. C. Roy, a teacher of the Vidyalaya highlighted their works and how society got their blessings and benefited greatly by them. 

Raksha Bandhan

celebration of Raksha Bandhan
Rakshabandhan was celebrated in the Vidyalaya on 18th Aug, 2016 to promote brotherhood and fraternity among children. As usual, it started with offering of flowers and Rakhi by the Principal of the Vidyalaya  at Swamiji’s portrait together with invocation of Mangalacharana by students and teachers. It was followed by a speech by K. Kochiary, a teacher of the Vidyalaya elaborating the significance of Raksha Bandhan. Students of class XI sang “phoola kataro ka......”  that impressed all present there. Then students tied Rakhi,  shared sweets class wise and pledged to maintain brotherhood among them. After the programme was over, students in different groups under the guidance and supervision of teachers moved to the assigned areas to promote the message of this auspicious day, tied Rakhi to the people and took their blessings to live peacefully.
celebration of Raksha Bandhan at
Umrangso Market Area
celebration of Raksha Bandhan at Assam
Riffle camp

celebration of Raksha Bandhan at NEEPCO Office

Independence Day

Respected Principal of the Vidyalaya Sri PV Ramesan unfurled the national flag on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day in the Vidyalaya premise at 7.20 AM in presence of students, teachers and parents and paid homage and salute to the freedom fighters whose sacrifices made Bharat Mata free from the British dominion. He delivered his inspiring speech highlighting the achievements that our country made so far and the challenges we have to overcome at present and future. Invoking Swami Vivekananda he urged upon the students of to be physically, spiritually and morally strong and powerful to build our nation. The other events on this special day were heart touching melodious patriotic song by class VII and VIII students, speeches by Snigdhya Paul of class VI and Anamika Saikia of class XI. The programme concluded with sweets distribution among the students, teachers and parents present on the occasion.

Some of the memorial snaps of Independence Day

International Yoga Day

Along with the whole world, VKV(NEEPCO), UMRANGSO has celebrated the 2nd International Yoga Day in the school premises on 21st June 2016. The programme began with the lighting of lamp by the chief guest Mr. R. Changkakoti, DGM (HR) (KHEP-NEEPCO, Umrangso). Mr. Debdulal Choudhury, a lecturer of J.B Hagjer college, Mr. Dinen Kemprai, Adviser, (Ramakrishna mission, Umrangso), were the other guests present there. A group of 15 students from J.B Hagjer College also participated in the programme along with 282 students (from classes VII-XII) of this Vidyalaya.
After the Saraswati Vandana, the Principal of the Vidyalaya Sri. Ramesan P.V delivered a very informative speech on the advantages and the importance of ‘Yoga’ and the ‘Yoga Day’. Mr. Pagan Pegu, the Physical Education Teacher of the Vidyalaya demonstrated some Yogasanas and Pranayamas. All the students as well as the teachers followed him under the guidance of the principal. A number of Yogasanas and Pranayamas were performed during the one hour’s session. Some of these are :
          i.            Suryanamaskar
       ii.            Ardhachakrasana
     iii.            Ardhakatichakrasana
     iv.            Pad Hastasana
        v.            Kapal-Bhati
      vi.            Anulom-Vilom
    vii.            Nadi-Shudhi etc.
After this a short but informative speech was delivered by Mr. R. Changkakoti followed by a speech by Mr. Debdulal Choudhury.

The program was concluded with vote of thanks by the Principal and Shantipath by all the guests, teachers and the students.

Some memorable snaps of International Yoga Day

World Environment Day

As the whole world strived to create awareness among the masses on World environment day, VKV Umrangso too endeavoured to make the students and people around the colony aware of the significance of the day. In this pursuit, Sri S.N.Purkayastha, a teacher of the Vidyalaya in his speech tried to convey the message to the students that our survival totally depends on this mother earth when it is green. A painting competition was held among the junior students on the theme “Save tree save earth” to make them aware of the day. Besides these, the brainstorming quiz competition for the classes VII to XII by dividing into two sessions which was prepared specifically on our environment, helped all of us a lot understand the importance of 5th June (World Environment Day).

Rabindra Jayanti

Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated in the Vidyalaya in brief. It began with floral tribute to the great patriot–poet Rabindranath Tagore by the Vice Principal Sri Tanmay Sarkar. There was a speech by Sri Uttam Ray (Asstt. Teacher) on that great person. A few cultural events were performed by students both individually and in group. Some of the events were really wonderful. The melodious tune by Smt  Jyotirupa Sharma, a teacher of  the Vidyalaya  was really mesmerizing. It concluded with Shanti Path.

Utsarga Ceremony

Utsarga ceremony for class XII was performed in the Vidyalaya activity hall on 16th February. All the students took part in the ritual under the guidance of Sri Santosh Dubey, a teacher of the Vidyalaya. The significance of the ceremony was also elaborated to the students by him. He advised the students to imbibe them and pursue the right path in life.

Ramakrishna Jayanti

The great saint reverent Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was paid solemn tribute on his 180th birthday. The Principal of the Vidyalaya paid floral tribute at the portrait of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa while the prayer group students invoked Mangalacharana at the same time. Sri Supriyo Deb, a teacher of the Vidyalaya briefed the life and works of the great Guru. It was followed by a bhajan by class VII students.

Matri Puja

Matri Puja was performed for the students of class X on 26th February. It was done in accordance with the guidelines by VKSPV .The students cleansed their mothers' feet, expressed their gratitude for their utmost efforts to nurture them and vowed to be grateful they breathe. The role of mother and the life of the mother were explained by the Principal in a befitting way. 

Saraswati Puja

Goddess of learning Saraswati Devi was worshipped in a befitting manner. It started at 8 AM. The students, teachers and invited guests thronged around the puja hall to offer flower at the feet of the goddess and ask  for her blessing and boon . At 12 noon Prasad was distributed among the students. It continued till 3PM for the parents and guests. In the evening the teachers and students gathered at the activity hall for prayer and offer arati to goddess Saraswati.

Some memorable snaps of Saraswati Puja


Republic Day

The 67th republic day was celebrated in the Vidyalaya with fanfare. The students queued and got ready for the celebration. The principal unfurled the national flag, all the students paid salutes to the tricolour national flag and sang national anthem accompanied by the rhythm of bands. In his speech, the Principal highlighted the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters for us and the challenges that we must overtake to develop our country. He also cited Swami Vivekananda's words to eulogize our motherland that gives shelter to different religions, cultures and to have rich heritage. There was a patriotic song sung by a group of students in fond memory of our heroic sons of our land that made it possible to achieve our freedom. It came to an end with the distribution of sweets to the students and all the students and teachers proceeded to NEEPCO premises to take part in the Republic Day celebration there.

Netaji Jayanti

Netaji Jayanti was observed in the Vidyalaya in an auspicious way. Everybody felt blessed to pay homage and tribute to the great hero and freedom fighter who visioned the freedom of our motherland from the British yoke quite in distinctiveness. Principal of the Vidyalaya, Sri P.V.Ramesan accompanied by   vice principal, Sri Tanmay Sarkar initiated it by lightening the auspicious lamp and offering flowers at the feet of the great son of our land. Students from classes IX and X poured out a melodious patriotic song that enthralled one and all present there. It was followed by a speech by Atul Chandra Roy, a teacher of the Vidyalaya on the purposeful and revolutionary works of the great patriot Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.  There was prize distribution among the students for their excellence in games and sports. Finally the principal of the Vidyalaya delivered his meaningful speech on the great patriot. 

Silpi Divas

The cultural icon of Assam, Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala was remembered in brief way in the Vidyalaya. To begin with the programme, Vice Principal Sri Tanmay Sarkar offered floral tribute at the portrait of the famous artist. Sri Satyajit Duwarah, a teacher of the Vidyalaya delivered his valuable speech to the students highlighting the great artist's career within his short span of life. A group of teachers sang the opening song (Jyoti Sangeet) that was really well sung and well tuned. There were group songs poured out by different groups from different classes and solo song by Nikita Kalita from class VII in particular mesmerized the audience present there. 

National Youth Day

Vidyalaya celebrated National Youth Day (Swami Vivekananda Jayanti) befittingly. Pushparnam was arranged at Durgamandap and F-type Colony. Guest, parents, teachers and students offered flowers at the portrait of Swamiji. A procession was taken out in and around NEEPCO campus as well as market area and it was flagged off by Sri Rituraj Boruah,GM (HR, Dalmia Cement). People thronged the road side area to have glimpse of the procession bustled with roaring slogans.  

Annual Day

Vidyalaya celebrated Annual Day on the eve of National Youth day at NRC(NEEPCO) in presence of many dignitaries, parents and students. The chief guest, Sri H K Deka (HOP, KHEP, NEEPCO) initiated the programme by lighting the lamp. The guest of honours were Sri B K Chakraborty (DGM, Electrical), Sri A S Sodhi (DGM, Security), Sri B K Deka (Sr. Manager, Civil) and Sri Manaranjan Barman (Rtd. Head master, Kopili High school). Presentation of Vidyalaya report, distribution of prizes, display of colourful cultural programme - dance, drama, song were some of the highlights of the programme. 

Some memorable snaps of Annual Day



Annual Sports

Vidyalaya's 20th Annual Sports Week began from 4th January 2016 with a rigorous sports and games events for three days. The sports meet was inaugurated by Sri A S Sodhi, DGM Security. March past, Surya Namaskar, Yoga were some of the important highlights of inauguration day. Various competitions were held among the students under many events. Students of all the four houses from the upper and middle block were enthralled by their victors of the events.